Sunday, June 5, 2011

Time to meet our classy selves

Hello there dear readers! We (Alie and Leah) are both incoming juniors in Boulder, Colorado who love to keep it classy. Through this blog we will be updating you on all things blonde about our summer travels and adventures. We love fashion, photography, forensic anthropology and sarcastic humor. You'll get to know us better in the next couple months. For now, here's a brief over view of both of us and what we're doing this summer and why are blog is so awesome that reading it and following it is not optional.

Hello! I'm Leah! I love to write and play violin but I especially adore fashion. I probably spend far more time drawing clothing designs and reading about all the best designers and trends than doing my homework or those other "important things". I come from a big family; both my parents, three younger siblings and a dog. And my sisters have three frogs, but they're not family they're just gross. I never am without my high heels-which comes in handy considering I'm only 5'2" This summer on June 24 I will depart for a six week program in San Francisco studying the fashion industry. I'll take four classes: (insert the word: fashion before each) construction, design, journalism and styling. I'm pretty excited for it all, and also excited that I'll be living with my cousin Talia. I'm excited to indulge in everything San Francisco, from the huge department stores, to the cable cars, to the Giants games.
Hi, I'm Al. I'm in love with men in sweaters, white cars, and naked Canadian Sphynx cats. Especially ones named Gertrude or CoCo or Mildred. I love watching shows about murders, and eating cheese sticks simultaneously. Some day I'm going to be a famous Forensic Anthropologist, so please, if you die, and have decomposed, CALL ME. The only thing I love as much as forensic science... is fashion. There's something so great about putting together an outfit that you've never worn before. I try my best to mix things up when it comes to what I wear, and I try to avoid wearing the exact same outfit. Anyways, this summer, I will be attending pre-college at NYU for 6 weeks. I will be studying Forensic Anthropology and Sociology and I'm so SO excited. It's going to be an amazing experience, that could potentially be life changing.  
We will be posting about about our initial two trips: Boca Raton, Florida and Lake City, Michigan that we went on together soon and hope you enjoy our documentation of the good, the dead, and the fashionable of our summer adventures.
Keep it classy
Leah and Alie

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